Book “Winter Sweets”

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After Douceurs d'Automne released in 2021, the idea of ​​Douceurs d'Hiver emerged as the natural sequel.

This is a book built around a season: Winter.

It is designed as a guide to spending Winter under the sign of creativity, divided into 3 chapters:

The book contains:
- 9 knitting patterns
- 9 recipes
- 9 DIYs
- lifestyle items
- pretty photos

A word from Lolita I thought of this book as a guide that accompanies us throughout Winter.
It gets leafed through, gets corny, hangs out on the living room table or in the kitchen, gets stained with chocolate... This book is now yours and I hope it inspires you!

My favorite recipe: chocolate fondant, ultimate comfort
My favorite DIY: pillow mist, essential at home
My favorite pattern: the Litchi hat with its jacquard so characteristic of winter