Bluestockings by Kate Davies and Nicole Pohl

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Co-edited by Kate Davies and Nicole Pohl, this book brings together a celebration of the group of 18th century scholarly women known as the Bluestockings, with an extensive exploration of sock and stocking knitting.

The first section of the book presents different perspectives on the history of socks and stockings, from expert contributors like Susan North (curator of 18th century fashion at the V&A) and Sonja Bargielowska (of John Arbon combed spinners).

In the second section of the book, essays on creative 18th century women such as Mary Delany and Phillis Wheatley Peters are accompanied by contemporary designs for socks and stockings.

Among our Bluestocking-inspired designs, you'll find openwork and textured patterns, stripes, chevrons, strand colors and a recipe for must-have socks and stockings named in honor of the talented 18th-century classicist (and knitter) Elizabeth Carter.

Defining the best tips on knitting spiked socks alongside an exploration of historical dyes and bringing together groundbreaking female writers with an accessible and wearable design,

Contributors: Sonja Bargielowska, Kate Davies, Kristina Decker, Elizabeth Eger, Susan North, Nicole Pohl, Isabella Whitworth.

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