"Brittany Needles are made in the USA by a family of artisans, ensuring consistent quality and individual care. And naturally, Brittany Needles are beautiful!
We believe you deserve the best, not just on special occasions but every time you pick up your needles."

Why buy Brittany Needles?

The best reason is probably the advantages of wood.

The wood is warm, smooth and supple . It won't draw heat away from sensitive fingers the way aluminum or plastic needles do. There are many comments from people with arthritis who wouldn't knit if it weren't for wooden needles.

Wood is our greatest renewable natural resource . It is a friend of the environment, it is recyclable, biodegradable and sustainable; when he can no longer serve he can return to the earth.
All wood used by Brittany comes from strictly regulated forests or small woodland owners in the United States, ensuring proper environmental practices and the selective cutting of trees to ensure maximum reforestation.

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