52 socks to knit all year round

By Divers
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Here is the famous 52 Weeks of Socks translated into French!

This knitting book doesn't just give you a pattern for knitting socks on circular needles!

Indeed, this 256-page book offers you something to keep you busy week after week throughout the year with:

  • 52 knitting sock patterns
  • Various techniques and patterns: jacquard, lace stitch, tuck stitch, openwork leaf stitch, jersey, twisted knit, etc.
  • 46 talented designers from Scandinavia, the cradle of this sock knitting tradition.

Successfully knit socks with circular needles: easy with this knitting book for all levels!

Although this book requires mastering the basics of knitting, it is not only intended for very experienced knitters.

Indeed, the author made sure to offer:

  • Very simple projects for beginners
  • Expert-level models for the most experienced
  • Diagrams if necessary
  • Detailed explanations for each part of the sock: toes, foot, upper, edge, heel...
  • Tips for finding useful tutorials on the internet.

No wonder you can no longer do without this creative practice!