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25 g - 112 m - 100% Icelandic wool - Lace

Materials: Wool
Aig. 2.50, 2.75, 3.00, 3.25, and 3.50 - Scale. 32-36 stitches
10cm: 34m in n°2.5 -
Washing: By hand


GILITRUTT by Hélène Magnusson is a pure lambswool whose selection was made by itself from Icelandic farmers.

Because it is a 2-ply twisted yarn, Gilitrutt is as strong as it is soft.
Of a similar thickness to Grýla Tviband, it can be used instead of the latter to knit mittens and shawls made to last but also very soft. Versatile, it can be knitted in very different needle diameters to make light sweaters and soft baby clothes.

As Icelandic wool is made up of two very different types of hair, the tog, which is very long and a little coarse, and the þel, which is very short and very fine, it is a challenge to spin them together in such a fine yarn. . As there is no spinning mill in Iceland capable of producing a yarn of this fineness and quality, the wool is sent from Iceland to a specialized spinning mill in Italy where it is spun with love...

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