By Kauni
From €10,36
- - 100% wool - Fingering

Materials: Wool
Aig. 3.00, 3.25, 3.50, 3.75, and 4.00 - Scale. 20-24 stitches
23 MX 29 RG -
Washing: by hand / machine wool cycle

Kauni - Estonia


KAUNI yarns are 100% wool made in Estonia by a Danish company.
It is a fine wool that will be perfect for jacquard, socks or shawls.
Besides, there are very beautiful models made with it.

Kauni is a pure rustic wool that smells slightly of sheep (the smell goes away when washed),
rather dry but still quite sweet.

Packaged in a ball. Length: 100g = approx. 400M