If you're a new knitter, these patterns may suit you. They can include knit and purl stitches, increases and decreases. Here, you just need to know the most basic techniques to be able to knit the pattern.


Patterns in this category are slightly more difficult than those for beginners, but still easy to get to grips with. They are aimed at knitters who have completed their first work and feel confident reading a pattern.

In this category, you'll find abbreviations. The abbreviations specific to this pattern are explained. There are often videos to guide you through the techniques used in the pattern.


The patterns include some additional techniques, such as simple diagrams or knitting patterns with two colors. This requires experience and confidence in using basic knitting techniques.


Patterns require a certain amount of experience and the ability to follow several things at once, for example being able to knit a pattern while knitting short rows and being able to keep an overview of a pattern. You may need to keep track of several things at the same time - for example, you may need to work on a pattern while working on shaping at the same time.

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Patterns in this category require you to be an experienced knitter who knows how to keep an overview of a pattern, how to place a diagram and work on shaping according to the instructions given in the pattern.