By Habu
14 g - 277 m - 69% silk and 31% stainless - Lace

Materials: Silk and Stainless
Aig. 2.50, 2.75, and 3.00 - Scale.
- 4 to 5 cones
Washing: By hand


Habu are above all lovers of the material; since 1999 they have been offering knits, weavings and wools...

These are refined and quality wools.

"Originally used in industry to make oil filters and now available for weavers, knitters and yarn artists! The central part is made of stainless steel and the tang is wrapped around it. Thanks to the stainless steel, this thread has a memory: you can create a shape, twist it, and it will stay in place until you change it.
It is easier to knit double, although a lace stitch knitted in single yarn can be very beautiful."

The 1/20 silk stainless is an extra lace slightly shiny in the light.

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