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In Allover, Kate Davies has brought together a colorful collection to capture the joy of strand knitting.

This book contains fourteen bold, playful and eclectic designs. Influenced by the Nordic traditions of Norway and Sweden, Iceland and Shetland, fourteen all-over models are offered, including hats and mittens, sweaters and cardigans. In Starnkeeker, the familiar monochrome patterns of Selbu accessories are adapted to a colorful Argyle cardigan, while the Tìoraidh cardigan reveals how a small infill pattern can become the main attraction of a two-tone pattern.

Kate also encourages you to mix things up: many patterns are traced and photographed in several different colourways, in designs that are packed with knitting inspiration and play possibilities.

Whether it's making a cheerful pair of Pouzles or taking your time to create a spectacular piece like Schene, you'll find plenty of creative joy in the pages of this colorful book.

112 pages. Designed and printed in Scotland.
Book in English.