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25 g - 85 m - 25% BFL, 25% Exmoor Horn, 25% Wensleydale, 25% Zwartbles - Fingering

Materials: Blue Faced Leicester Lustrous (BFL)
Aig. 3.00, 3.25, and 3.50 - Scale. 28-32 stitches
10cm: 28 M x ​​29 RGS in 3.25 mm -
Washing: By hand / machine wool cycle

Marie Wallin - UK


A 100% English wool that took two years to see the light of day!
Spun in Devon by John Arbor, it is available in sixteen shades.

It took a long time for Marie Wallin to finalize the color palette,
because she needed to be sure that the sixteen colors worked well together for the Fait Isle knit,
but also that each shade is a beautiful individual color for plain knits.

BRITISH BREEDS is made from four different breeds of British sheep: Bluefaced Leicester, Exmoor Horn, Wensleydale and Zwartbles.
The fiber of each breed adds a certain characteristic to the yarn... Bluefaced Leicester brings softness, Exmoor Horn also brings softness but this sheep has a white fleece so adding a 'cleanliness' to the mixed tops for more success dyeing. Wensleydale brings hold and shine and Zwartbles brings bounce or suppleness.

The sample is 28 mx 29 rows for 10 cm in Fair Isle knit and 3.25 mm needles.
Eu jersey: the gauge is 26 mx 34 rows for 10 cm with 3 mm needles.

Color: Acer