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Here is the Chiaogoo TWIST SHORTIES Large (L) Set

Chiaogoo “RED LACE” circular needles are made of surgical steel. Light, solid and stainless, they are soft to the touch and their anti-reflective satin finish will bring you incomparable comfort and knitting precision.
This set also includes the new SWIV360 interchangeable cables . These silver cables, just like the "RED" cables, are made of a flexible steel cable with several strands covered with nylon which offers a perfect glide. Thanks to their design, the SWIV360 are very flexible, do not bend at the joints and have no “memory” effect. To all these advantages, the SWIV360s add an additional swivel function to bring you an exceptional knitting experience.
The CNC machined connection system provides a perfect connection between your "RED Lace" interchangeable needles and your " SWIV360 " cables
Finally, the size is laser engraved on each needle and cable.

It allows you to knit small diameters in the circular.

The Kit contains:

4 needle numbers: 5.50 / 6.00 / 6.50 / 8.00 mm
in length 3" (8 cm)

3 “ SWIV360 ” cables in 15 (x2) and 20cm lengths


  • 6 stitch markers
  • 1 mini needle gauge
  • 2 spanners
  • 2 cable connectors
  • 2 cable stoppers
  • 1 heart tightening grip
  • a pretty 12cm x 10cm yellow zipped storage pouch with an outside pocket to hold your accessories and a numbered sorter to easily store your needles