By Fonty
50 g - 125 m - 100% French merino - Aran

Materials: Merino
Aig. 5.00 - Scale. 16-20 stitches
17 M x 25 RG - 8 to 10 balls
Washing: By hand with organic soap, with or without fabric softener, dry flat

"le FADO" is a Portuguese song that the singer Amalia Rodrigues made known to the whole planet.
FADO is a yarn made from the wool of black merino sheep from the province of Alentejo, in the south of Portugal.
This good quality wool (23 microns) is naturally black in color.

La Filature Fonty and LAINAMAC (Natural Wools of the Massif Central) are at the initiative of introducing this breed in the Creuse, to promote a yarn with a minimum impact on the planet: no dyeing, no transport . This mini sector corresponds to an expectation of the spinning mill, but also to a need for diversification of production for the Creuse farmers, in need of recognition of their work and know-how.
This wool is used pure in the dark color, and mixed in the other colors, with extra fine white merino lamb from the Arles region, which gives a tweed look to our yarn. The few straws that you may find are the testimony that we have subjected this wool to the minimum of treatments to preserve its natural character and vitality.
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