HOST of Camarose

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50 g - 120 m - 75% Cotton 16% Wool 9% Goat - Cashmere goat - Aran

Materials: Cotton, Wool, and Cashmere
Aig. 4.00 - Scale.

Camarose - Denmark


HØST is a super soft, light and airy yarn, made only from natural materials and, wherever possible, organic fibers.
HØST is an exclusive yarn, since it is composed of 75% organic cotton, 16% recycled wool and 9% cashmere.

HØST is made from a tube of organic cotton and is a blown yarn. The tube is dyed using a special spray technique, which gives the yarn a beautiful blend and a unique play of colors. A mixture of recycled wool and organic cashmere is blown into the tube.

HØST is available in 8 colors, and all the colors recall the beautiful hues of autumn. The recommended swatch is 17-18 stitches and 28 rows on a 4mm needle. Please remember that the sample is for illustrative purposes only and it is always recommended to knit a sample.

HØST is produced by an Italian spinning mill with respect for the environment and animal welfare, the cotton and cashmere used are therefore organic and the wool is recycled.
HØST is suitable for everything from small projects like mittens, scarves, hats and vests, to larger projects like sweaters and cardigans, and is a pleasure to work with.

It is recommended to hand wash finished work with wool detergent and lay flat to dry.
When machine washed, the finished item may shrink up to 7%, but will stretch again with use. It is recommended to knit the ribbing a little tight, as it will also stretch with use.

Color: 8200-Marmor