By Lang
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50 g - 210 m - 75% Virgin wool, Superwash, 25% Polyamide - Light Fingering

Materials: Wool and Polyamide
Aig. 2.50, 2.75, 3.00, 3.25, and 3.50 - Scale.
Washing: Delicate laundry detergent without softener!

Lang - Italy


Jawoll is a proven sock yarn!

The wool comes from the best Corriedale sheep producers in Patagonia, Chile. When shearing, the finer parts are separated from the main fleece. The average yarn size - that is, the average fiber diameter - of this range is only 25 microns (1 micron = 1/1000 millimeter). The wool is therefore very soft and very pleasant on the skin.
Corriedale sheep live year-round in the wilds of Patagonia. Thanks to their rather frugal diet, their wool remains white and the hairs have an average length of 10 cm.
The colors are bright and the yarn is lint-free.

Each 50 g ball contains a spool of reinforcing thread for the heel and toe.
This will increase the life of your socks.

Color: 83.0313