100 g - 220 m - 100% Icelandic lambswool - DK

Materials: Wool
Aig. 2.50, 2.75, and 3.00 - Scale.
10cm: 26 needle sts. 2.5 mm / 22 m needle. 3mm -
Washing: By hand / machine wool cycle


With Katla Sokkaband, Hélène Magnússon has created a unique sock yarn in soft Icelandic lambswool.

It is also the first Icelandic sport/DK type yarn.
 Katla is non-superwash and as strong and durable as any other sock yarn blended with synthetic fibers, with the coarser tog hairs of Icelandic wool and silk acting as nylon.

This versatile yarn can be knitted with a variety of needle sizes and makes beautiful socks as well as lightweight sweaters, scarves and mittens.

Within the limit of available stocks, more colors available on tricoteuse-islande.fr

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