LOVE HOOKS KIT – Small numbers

By Clover

The hook is designed to prevent the yarn from slipping and to make it easier to pick up and pull the stitches.

The hook handle is designed to create beautiful crochet projects. The right part of the hook handle is longer to allow you to create large stitches and magnificent crochet projects.
Handle easy to hold in the hand Soft, non-slip material.
The three-dimensional curves of the handle adapt naturally to the tips of your fingers.

This shape naturally adapts to the hand so that you do not need to tighten the hook unnecessarily hard and your hand gets less tired.

Kit includes: No.0(1.75mm)/No.2(1.50mm)/No.4(1.25mm)/No.6(1.00mm)/No.8(0.90mm)/No .10(0.75mm)/No.12(0.60mm)