The CocoKnits Blocking Kit contains everything you need to block your knits!

The interlocking squares fit together to create the best shape for projects, whether square, round or triangle.
Each square is covered with a fabric that gently hugs the knit while blocking it.

With a thick, waterproof backing, no moisture seeps in, plus the pins are held firmly in place.
The squares are heat resistant, making them perfect for steam blocking.

The Blocking Kit includes:

- 18 interlocking, fiber-covered foam squares 30 x 30 cm (compatible with older Knitter's Block tiles)
- 40 stainless steel T-pins
- 1 Blocking Aid: 120cm x 120cm square cotton fabric with squares each measuring 1"/2.5cm to be used as a ruler
- A sturdy 30 x 30 cm jute bag to hold the Kit