Carded Wool


Wool for felting, for spinning, for stuffing or making quilts, cushions, pillows, etc.

The carded wool comes in the form of plates of 2.1m x 1.2m (2.5 m²) with different thicknesses:
– 400g/m2 (1 kg) at €35/sheet,
– 200g/m2 (0.5 kg) at €20/sheet
or per pack of 100gr

Colours: Ecru - Black (dark brown) - Gray 3/4 - Gray 2/2

It can be used to make pillows or duvets, but is also used to stuff dolls or cuddly toys.

Realization idea : with 1 light sheet (200g/m2), I was able to make a children's duvet, perfect for summer!
However I am not at all a good seamstress: I simply wrapped the plate with a cotton fabric, I sewed the sides and a few scattered stitches so that it did not move when handled.

Color: Black (dark brown)