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11 knitting patterns: 5 sweaters, 2 cardigans, 1 sweater, 1 shawl, 1 hat and 1 pair of mittens.

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But also :

  • Interview with American knitwear designer and fashion historian Sydney Crabaugh, who specializes in vintage knits and runs her own virtual knitting school.
  • An article about Shetland and its knitting traditions, with two inspiring designers - Gudrun Johnston and Mary Jane Mucklestone - as guides.
  • Jeanette Sloan's Fiber Talk: Meet Tanis "Akutuq" Simpson, whose company produces yarn from qiviut: a fiber that comes from the undercoat of muskoxen.
  • Five Ways from our regular columnist Päivi Kankaro, which brings together expert advice for mending your knitwear.
  • Where I Knit: We meet Nora, who enjoys knitting on the roof of her house in Cologne, Germany.
  • Seasonal recipes to inspire your fall cooking.