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25 g - 199 m - 68% Alpaca, 16% Nylon / Polyamide, 12% Merino wool, 4% Polyester - Lace

Materials: Alpaca, Wool, Nylon, and Polyester
Aig. 3.00, 3.25, 3.50, 3.75, and 4.00 - Scale.
10cm: 19 - 22M -
Washing: By hand / machine wool cycle

Camarose - Denmark


MANESTRALE, "moonbeam" in Danish, is a soft and light wool like mohair!
except that it is made of an exclusive blend of 68% Baby Alpaca, 12% merino wool (without mulesing), 16% polyamide and 4% polyester.
Polyamide and polyester form the fine Lurex yarn which gives it a discreet glittery glow.

MANESTRALE is produced especially for CaMaRose in an Italian family spinning mill,
with respect for the environment and animal welfare, so the merino wool used is of course mulesing-free.

You can knit it alone, single, double or even triple, or combined with another yarn, such as Snefnug.

Single yarn: needles n°3: gauge 10cm = 19-22 sts
Double yarn: needles n°4: sample 10cm = 17-18 sts
Triple threads: needles n°5: sample 10cm = 14-15 m

Color: 9014-Havgron