Fly & his friends


by Cinthia Vallet

Book in French
216 pages

Flies & Friends is Cinthia Vallet's first book.
It will allow you to knit 12 characters as well as their clothes and accessories.

Come meet Mouche the bear and his adorable friends: Henri the orangutan, Agi the sheep, Billie the raccoon and many others!
Cinthia's manufacturing method is unique and seamless. The animals are knitted with natural fibers and worked in the round, starting at the nose and working down to the feet. It is fascinating to see how these little creatures come to life while knitting.

The book is aimed at knitters of all levels.
Cinthia guides her readers through step-by-step techniques with clear, illustrated tutorials, making knitting easy and enjoyable.
She also shares her tips for working small circumferences, choosing yarn, and preparing a toy-making toolbox.

Mouche & Friends: Seamless Toys to Knit and Love is more than a knitting book.
It's a charming fantasy world filled with love and friendship waiting to welcome you.
“With this book, I wish to offer you a poetic parenthesis that conveys the spirit of childhood; an enchanted interlude where we allow ourselves to dream and play,” explains Cinthia.

Cinthia Vallet is a designer who lives in Nantes, France, with her husband, four children, and furry companions. She is known for her charming no-sew knitted toy animals. They began to take shape in her mind after discovering the magic of seamless knitting, and her first pattern was released in 2018. Cinthia realized that if you can make a sock and shape a heel, you can too shape a small animal directly on it. the needles.
With an aesthetic rooted in her passion for children's literature, Cinthia develops her characters as an illustrator would, but with wool and three dimensions. She gives everyone a name, a story, a little soul and a lot of herself.

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