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50 g - 91 m - 100% Norwegian wool - DK

Materials: Wool
Aig. 3.50, 3.75, and 4.00 - Scale. 20-24 stitches
10cm: 22M - Sweater T38: About 12 balls
Washing: By hand / machine wool cycle

Sandnes Garn - Norway


Peer Gynt has been sold since 1938 and is still as popular a yarn today as it was then. 100% Norwegian wool, not superwash treated.

Norwegian wool clothing is light, comfortable and gets softer every time you wear it. Norwegian wool is strong, doesn't shed much and has very good resilience, meaning clothes retain their shape and look over time.

Consider the environment: wool is breathable and rarely needs washing; we recommend airing the garment instead. Norwegian wool clothing has a long lifespan and can be worn by several generations.

When machine washing, we recommend washing all wool garments separately, on the wool program, for a gentler treatment. Wring well and dry the garment flat, preferably on a towel. Never use a laundry bag to wash hand-knitted wool garments. This creates friction which risks tangling the garment.

Color: 1021 - Ash Melange