By Gleener
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Gleener® fabric and knitwear anti-pilling shaver and brush

The Gleener® anti-pilling razor and brush helps maintain and extend the life of clothes.

Thanks to its 3 interchangeable secure blades as well as its integrated brush section, the Gleener® anti-pilling razor and brush gently removes pills, lint and animal hair from all fabrics and knits.

  • Without batteries or electricity, the anti-pilling razor and brush saves time and money while taking care of the environment.
  • 3 interchangeable secure blades to choose from depending on the fabric to be treated.

    - blade #1 for thick and bulky fabrics, such as heavy woolens
    - blade #2 for medium fabrics such as cashmere and merino
    - blade #3 for delicate knits like your summer knits and delicate t-shirts