Softly – Timeless Knits

By Cozy
Texts and designs: Sari Nordlund
Technical editing and model illustrations: Jesslyn Di Fiori
Writing and translation: Emma Kylmälä
Editing: Rebecca Watson
Photography and layout: Viola Minerva Virtamo

Language: English

A classic, timeless theme is the enchanting thread throughout the book, with knitwear names inspired by ancient Greek mythology. Set against the soft, powdery backdrop of Paris, these elegant Scandinavian knits are perfect for modern-day urban muses.

Sari Nordlund is one of Finland's most popular knitwear designers, whose creations have graced the covers of knitting magazines the world over. She has also worked as a designer for major yarn manufacturers. Sari has a unique ability to transform the everyday beauty of her surroundings - Finnish nature, Helsinki's Art Nouveau architecture, art and popular culture - into an abundant source of inspiration for knitting.