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50 g - 205 m - 100% Norwegian wool - Fingering

Materials: Wool
Aig. 3.00 - Scale.
10cm: 27M -
Washing: By hand / machine wool cycle

Sandnes Garn - Norway


Here is the little sister of the Peer Gynt: the Tynn Peer Gynt which is spun from the same wool - Tynn Peer Gynt is a 3ply and Peer Gynt is a 4ply.

Peer Gynt has been on the market since 1938, and the yarn structure makes it a favorite for knitting traditional kofte sweaters.
Peer Gynt remains as popular a yarn today as it was then.

In fall 2022, Sandnes Garn launched a thinner version, with the same properties: Tynn Peer Gynt. Norwegian wool clothing is light, warm and gets softer every time you wear it.

Norwegian wool is durable and resistant to pilling, and its high strength ensures that garments retain their shape over time.
Be environmentally friendly! Wool is breathable and rarely needs washing. Instead, we recommend airing out your wool clothing.

Norwegian wool clothing has a long lifespan and can remain as beautiful for several generations,
Norwegian wool can thus contribute to more sustainable consumption ;)

Color: 1002 Hvit