Tynn Silk Mohair Print

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50 g - 424 m - 57% mohair, 28% silk and 15% wool - Lace

Materials: Mohair, Silk, and Wool
Aig. 5.00 - Scale.

Sandnes Garn - Norway

It is a soft and luxurious blend of mohair, wool and silk. The thread is fine and very easy to use. If you knit Tynn Silk Mohair Print with one or more strands, you will get a light, airy and luxurious garment.

Mohair is wool from the Angora goat. This is a breed of goat that has long, curly wool fibers that are soft and silky. Regular wool is added to give the yarn resilience and volume. Silk is added to give strength and shine while retaining the fibers when brushed. The result is a soft, light and airy yarn with a furry appearance.
Color: 3135-Blossom Tree