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by Leeni Haimela
in English

The design of Scandi knitting is simple, clean and timeless, with the patterns in the book ensuring that even beginners will succeed!
Urban Knit Easy – Effortless & Modern Knits perfectly reflects the Nordic lifestyle.
No technical gimmicks or complications: it's classic and effortless :)
These easy-going, urban and laid-back knits are designed to be so simple that anyone who wants to relax and wear something DIY dares to grab those needles.

The book will show you how to knit your very first garment - a beanie, socks, sweater and cardigan - before moving on to more difficult patterns as you get better. The instructions are designed so that beginners can follow the simplest techniques.
If you're an expert, add some pro-level finishing touches.
Whatever your skill, the fine details mean you'll get stunning results.

The book takes a modern take on knitting: all sweaters and cardigans are worked seamlessly from top to bottom, socks up.
You'll find plenty of clever tips for choosing your yarns and making adjustments to add your own personal touch.
The book also includes many photo tutorials.

Leeni Haimela is one of Finland's best-known knitwear designers.
Sold in over 30 countries, his debut title Urban Knit became an international bestseller.
Her work has been featured in the international publications Laine, German Making Stories and Japanese Amirisu and has appeared on the covers of numerous magazines.

Urban Knit Easy - Effortless & Modern Knits pays homage to Leeni's hometown of Helsinki, with moving photographs capturing the city's waterfront, woods, reeds and stone buildings. It injects an air of warmth and softness that is so welcome right now.